LeanTechnique is a platform that provides companies with data analytics and insights via real-time data monitoring and prediction.





Fine-tune your metrics and change your targets and milestones to improve.


Crystal clear picture of your remote team performance.

Automated reporting with your desired frequency.


Insights to your risk factors.

No spreadsheet!


Knowing the cause of shift or divergence from your growth path, take appropriate corrective action, and fix any undesired changes.

Visibility in different layers of your workforce.

Transparent data collection.

Efficient data collection and performance measurement for your remote teams.


Early failure detection.

Total visibility into how your teams work in real-time.


Make the most of your existing team and resources, even your remote teams.

Reduced waste time in data collection.

Proper target tracking and alert system for efficient monitoring.

Stay on track with your operational metrics goals and targets.

Pull back the curtain on what separates your best player from the rest, according to data.

Decrease the gap between your best performers and others.

Pinpoint process failures missed deadlines or targets.

Data makes coaching much easier and more strategic.

Maximize your efficiency in terms of time, revenue, sales, and churn.