Supercharge your team performance

Gain critical insights into what’s happening with your team, set up targets, provide feedback, and maximize performance!

Running a business based on reality and data instead of opinion.

LeanTechnique changed their lives, it could change yours too.

Increase in team engagement

Decrease in troubleshooting time

Increase in data collection efficiency

Based on real customer data with LeanTechnique

How can we help?

Meet your targets

Meet more deadlines and targets by driving effective conversations and shining the light on what's working and what's not.

Ensure your team are following the process

Make sure your team is adhering to the steps defined in your process and are implementing what they learn in training.

Scalable and time-efficient coaching

Upscale you team by making coaching time-efficient and streamlined. You cannot sit with each team member for every task. LeanTechnique helps you be 10 places at once from coaching perspective.

Clone your top performers

Replicate effective behavior across your team by shining the light on what your top performers do differently than the "middle of the pac", closing the gap between the two groups.

Drive consistency across your team

When 10 team members handle 10 tasks in 10 different ways, your team performance is predictably unpredictable. LeanTechnique helps you ensure everyone is marching in the same direction on each type of tasks.

Accelerate onboarding ramp time

Get new hires up to speed fast by giving them a "highlight reel" of your team's best performance so they can see what "good" sounds like at each stage of the assigned tasks.

Fine-tune your process

Diagnose what's going right and what's not within each assigned task during your process so you can work out the kinks and move across the finish line, faster.