Turn Process Data Into Answers

LeanTechnique is a platform that provides companies with data analytics and insights via real-time data monitoring and prediction.

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Monitor Your Processes Closely

LeanTechnique builds a comprehensive profile for each entity and enables you to monitor your teams, processes, and infrastructure closely for timely maintenance and efficient working condition to optimize your productivity.

Detailed Reporting

LeanTechnique provides you with visual statistics and analysis of your data. Advanced machine learning algorithm embedded in our statistical analysis is used to find most optimized parameters to improve your productivity.

Process Failure Prediction

LeanTechnique uses the process data and the prior process knowledge to feed a prediction engine for finding similar patterns in the process data, and alerting you of potential process failures.

Troubleshooting suggestions

LeanTechnique provides you with a Cause & Effect dashboard with possible root causes for your process failures and potential troubleshooting recommendations.


Improve productivity
Consistent quality
Unified view into the entire process throughout the business
Real-time access to reports and analytics
Easy troubleshooting in cases of failures & issues
Access to historic reports and data for comparison or troubleshooting purposes